My Genealogy (6/26/01)

Sunsets in Florida 5/00
Mary & Friends, Longboat, 5/00
Kent, Eric, Gillian and Michelle, Longboat, 5/00
Dec '99 photo of our Grandchildren
My brother Eric family pictures
Great Britain 9/99
Some Alaska Cruise shots 6/98
Eric's House rebuilding 2/98
New Years Eve 1/98
Betsy, children, grandchildren '98
Xmas '97
Panama Canal Cruise Dec '97
     volume 2
Halloween '97
Telluride vacation 9/97
Anniversary 8/97
Southern Caribbean Cruise Feb '97
My Sister Betsy & Family
Found pictures from Chatham Bars Inn, Cape Cod
Pictures of many of us on Cape Cod 9/96
Family photo album from mid '96
Georganne &Larry's Page 
My son, Kent, now works for IGEN.
My son Eric is currently working in Denver for an Internet start-up, He has recently become engaged to a Colorado native, Michelle Hovet, who teaches special education. They will be married in the Rocky Mountains on July 1, 2001.  
My sister, Betsy is a poet. Check out her poetry
Or send your comments to me, Lyman A. Johnson, editor and publisher. 
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The Silver Cloud on the Thames with
Tower Bridge - August 1999

Mt. McKinley from McKinley Princess Lodge 6-98
Mary & Lyman Johnson ... Frith & Bill Talbot

A few of Betsy's recent poems:
(You can read more of her poetry here.

Here's my latest, reflective of the mad whirl I am in.

  • Morning Rap
    • Sleep stir stretch yawn 

      awake move touch sit 

      feel press flow wash 
      rubada scrubada tub 

      brush curl paint dress 

      clink pour mix taste 

      read turn hear bang 
      runa to catcha the bus

Betsy Bell, April 1997

     Spring has sprung
     The grass is riz
     My heart has went
     Where my brain is.
     Woe is me!
     How happy she
     in love again
     at almost sixty.
         Cheers,  Betsy

I thought I'd share the results of a recent assignment from my on-line poetry class. Maybe it'll inspire you to write. The task was to write a poem about myself, 9 lines long, and no use of personal pronouns. Here it is:

            No confusion here ©1997, Betsy Bell
         1       This crone, beautiful in graying hair,
2       shaped by Swedish immigrants,
3       exhausting line of Pilgrim fathers,
4       Great Plains, big sky, grasses and hot earth.
5       Captured by an intellect so big
6       it swept a path across the continents.
7       Infants birthed are birthing now.
8       Alone, ripe, patient,
9       with heart so full of love it holds the Earth itself.
                        Betsy Bell, March 1997